Tamara Gaither is an acclaimed realtor serving Metro Atlanta area homeowners, builders,buyers and investors. Awarded numerous times for her work as a Licensed agent and now Broker of T&G Sales and Property Management Inc and Associate Broker At  Homeland  Realty Group. With over fifteen years of extensive experience and expertise in consultative selling and negotiation, Tamara successfully works with sellers to market their  homes and buyers to locate and negotiate for properties that fit their unique purchasing strategy.

Tamara continues to learn about the real estate industry on a daily basis by attending continuing education classes and seminars to better her skills, dealing with clients, and observing the market's many ups and downs. Her specialty is  first time home buyers, sellers, builders, tenants, and real estate investors. She is also  very skillful with transactions involving foreclosed or banked owned properties.
A  native of Georgia, Tamara Gaither has substantial experience with the Atlanta market. She has mastered the art and science of real estate marketing and purchasing. Tamara prides herself on customer satisfaction. She is committed to raising the level of proficiency and expertise among real estate professionals. During her much needed time off, Tamara enjoys the outdoors. She is the proud mother of two wonderful kids.